New hospital

Gunnison Valley Hospital owes its beginnings to Dr. G. Stanford Rees, who came to the valley in 1932 right out of his residency and started his family practice in the old bank. In order to increase the quality of care offered to his patients and the scope of services he could provide, Dr. Rees opened the first hospital in Sanpete County (pictured below) in the 1940's.

The top floor of this building served as the Hospital while the lower level was the Rees' home. The upper level provided a couple of patient rooms, a delivery suite, an operating room, a laboratory and a an x-ray room. At that time, a hospital room was provided for $3.00 per day and a delivery would cost $25.00.

In 1949 Dr. Rees sold the Hospital to the local communities for $1, with the stipulation it would continue to be run as a hospital. Eventually this hospital became inadequate and a new hospital was started in October of 1968 and completed in May of 1970. Since then the Hospital has operated at its present location and had 3 major additions that have made the facility state-of-the-art. The Hospital now features 25 private patient rooms, 3 family friendly delivery suites, 2 operating suites, a full service laboratory, and imaging services featuring not only x-ray, but CT scanning, fluoroscopy studies, digital mammography, ultrasound and MRI's all linked with a picture archival computer system (PACS).

The entity now offers a variety of inpatient and outpatient services as well as caring home health and hospice services. Associated with the entity are 13 family practice providers, a general surgeon, 2 radiologists and a variety of visiting specialists providing services ranging from dermatology to oncology.

If Dr. Rees were here today, he would probably be amazed at the growth and scope of the services that are now provided. He would also be pleased to see that the care and concern for each individual patient is still the foundation of all services provided.